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9 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Season

Between fond memories of long, lazy summer days and dreaming of sipping cocoa while snow falls outside the window, we have crisp fall leaves and a chill in the air during this great time of the year, our favorite season of all in fact: fall! So get out your coziest sweater and a glass of your favorite hard cider and settle in for another Cornhole Stop seasonal appreciation post because we made you this list of nine reasons why fall is the best season.

Cool, Crisp Days

If summer has you overheating and winter has you freezing, have we got news for you! That news is fall, a season that starts to cool down from the high summer temps into the low winter temps—it’s kind of like spring, only in reverse. 

We don’t know about you but we’re personally bigger fans of the cool down than the heat up, although that might just be a general preference for fall sweaters over spring… wait, what’s the dress code for spring? See, that’s what we mean: that kind of ambiguity that other seasons sport is why fall is just better!

Changing Leaves

There’s something so peaceful and wholesome about watching the leaves slowly change color and fall from the trees (wait, is that why they call it fall? We just got that). The changing leaves is a little reminder that everything is always changing, and time keeps ticking along no matter what’s going on with you personally. 

And if the leaves can change, maybe people can change too. Maybe we can all change. Maybe we all have the limitless potential to become the best versions of ourselves, and we can start to do that anytime we want to, so why not this fall? 

Or maybe we should all just go for a walk and enjoy the gorgeous foliage. Baby steps, right?

Bonfires, Firepits, Fireplaces

We don’t have a problem with fire; we love fire! The crackling of the wood, the dancing flames, even the smoke that gets caught in our hair, making us smell faintly of barbecue, leaves us positively charmed. 

If you live somewhere where people tend to heat their homes with wood stoves, fall is when you’ll start smelling the smoke of cozy home fireplaces. It’s almost enough to make us want to stay indoors—after one last bonfire with friends before it’s too cold. 

Go on and get yourself a backyard fire pit. You’ve earned it!

Daylight Savings Time Ends

What is Daylight Savings Time anyway? Who decided to do this? Why? And for what purpose? It’s never made sense to us, so we’re glad every year when it ends! 

Remember to do something special on November 6th besides turning the clock on the microwave back—take that extra hour and use it to celebrate the return of Standard Time as we escape the archaic False Time mind-prison we’re forced into for more than half the year. (Except Arizona and Hawaii: they figured it out back in the 1960s.)

Football Season

Is there anything better than football? Yes, but only if you count football parties as being separate from the sport itself! Get ready for high school football games, college football games, NFL showdowns, improvised backyard football competitions, and all the football parties that come with the football season.


Is there any activity with more camaraderie than tailgating? Maybe, but if there is, we don’t want to know about it! From the iconic food to the local brews to the concentrated hype party atmosphere, even non-sports fans can find something to love about tailgating. 

One thing about tailgating that we especially love is playing Cornhole, and another thing we love about tailgating is being the ultimate football superfan—and you can do both at the same time with a custom Cornhole board! Fill out our custom design request form and our digital artists will get to work on your masterpiece displaying your team colors, team logo, or custom artwork immortalizing your favorite player. But don’t fret: we can also do non-football designs if that’s what you’re into!

Beginning of the Holiday Season

Halloween is basically a spooky-flavored appetizer for the upcoming nearly back-to-back family holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure, the season can be stressful and traveling during the season can be doubly stressful. But that being said, it’s important to make time for family and friends if that’s an option for you, in whatever way you can, and spend quality time with the people around you who make your life better by being in it. 

Tip: If it’s not possible to meet up in person, coordinate Zoom Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!) with a shared menu so you can trade recipes and try each other’s favorites.

Get Ready for Dessert

Pumpkin pie vs. sweet potato pie: fight! We’re kidding, they’re both amazing, and we definitely don’t have an official ranked list of fall desserts including caramel apples, pecan pie, apple pie, rum cake, maple cookies, and baked apples.

Okay, we lied. Here’s our list, saving the best for last: rum cake, caramel apples, maple cookies, baked apples, apple pie, pecan pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, and in first place is baklava. Yep, that’s baklava as the wild card to win. And now that’s settled forever!

Pumpkin Everything

If you thought we were going to overlook the OG avatar of fall, you are so wrong. Pumpkin flavors get a lot of credit, but too much focus on the spice and you’ll miss out on all the pumpkin. There’s pumpkin picking, carving, and maybe even a haunted hayride at a pumpkin patch that’s decked out for the harvest. But we won’t stop you from sipping a pumpkin spice latte while doing all these pumpkin activities if you want to truly embrace the spirit of pumpkin everything.

Hopefully we’ve won you over to the obvious and superior prowess of fall over all other seasons. Whether you’ll spend time tailgating with friends, tailgating with family, or going to a tailgate solo and making new friends along the way, we here at Cornhole Stop wish all of our readers a very football fall!


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