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Outdoor Party Games for Adults For Day or Night

Outdoor party games for adults can be hard to find sometimes, but any outdoor party game can be improved for an adult audience by simply adding alcohol! Here are 7 of our favorites, for day and night.

Day Time Games


Known by many other names, Beersbee involves balancing beer bottles on two poles placed 20 or 30 feet apart (these don’t necessarily have to be poles you can use whatever you have available), then teams take turns throwing a Frisbee to try to knock the bottle off their opponent’s pole. The throwing team gets 1 point for knocking the bottle down by hitting the pole and 2 points for knocking the bottle off the pole without hitting the pole—the defending team can reduce the points awarded by 1 if they catch the knocked bottle before it hits the ground. If you don’t hit the pole or the bottle on your turn, take a drink!


Use lengths of tape or rope to make a tic-tac-toe grid on the lawn, then try to get 3 in a row using Frisbees, Cornhole bags, Croquette balls, even rocks—pretty much anything you have lying around is fair game! Play this game 2 at a time with the winner taking a penalty drink before taking on the next challenger.


We can’t resist putting America’s favorite backyard drinking game on this list, and if you’re here reading along, we think you’re a big enough fan and understand why! Cornhole has official rules and unofficial rules—and you can’t go wrong adding some of your own house rules about who has to drink and when!

Water Balloon Volleyball

This is an upgrade of the standard toss-and-catch water balloon game. Instead of tossing the filled water balloon back and forth with their hands, 2 players use a beach towel to toss the balloon into the air and then the opposing team has to catch it. If the opposing team misses the balloon, they have to drink. If the balloon was tossed so hard that it breaks, the tossing team has to drink. You can award points in a similar way, but we like this one more when the drinking is its own reward!

Night Time Games

Flashlight Tag

Choose a player to be “it” and have them count while everyone else hides. Once they’re done counting, they seek the other players using their flashlight—they need to get close enough to see the person and call out their name. Players who are found take a drink and when all players have been found, the next round starts with the first player who was found taking the flashlight and becoming “it.”

Ghost in the Graveyard

Choose a player to be the ghost and have them take a drink. The other players cover their eyes and count while the ghost hides. After counting, all players look for the ghost. When the ghost is found, the player who found them yells “Ghost in the graveyard!” and then everyone runs back to home base with the ghost pursuing and trying to tag them. Whoever gets tagged is the next ghost, if the ghost doesn’t tag anyone they’re the ghost again for the next round. The ghost drinks at the beginning of each round.


We love it so much, we had to put it on the list twice! You can easily take your game of Cornhole from day to night by adding a set of Cornhole lights to improve visibility.

Night Time Ring Toss

Speaking of adding lights to keep a game going after dark, you can modify the game of ring-toss by using glow stick bracelets for the rings and slipping a glow stick into the bottles. The drinking rules on this one can vary: take a drink when you get a ring around the bottle or take a drink when you miss—or do both and live your best life!

What are your favorite outdoor drinking games to play during the day or night? Let us know in the comments below!


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