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11 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Season

Between fond memories of the brand new spring flowers popping up out of the melting snow and dreaming of crisp fall leaves crunching underfoot while drinking a pumpkin latte, we have stretching sunny days during the best season of all: summer!

Get out your flip-flops and sunglasses because this is the time of year we all spend the whole rest of the year getting ready for. Of course, it’s impossible to list every reason why summer is the best season—there are just so many—but we did make a list of our favorite reasons why we love this season!

1. Even More Sunny Hours in Each Day

Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm sunlight shining down on your skin? It’s a relief in the springtime after enduring the short, cold days of winter, and in the summer, it gets even brighter. Days go from 12 hours of daylight on the Spring Equinox all the way up to 16 hours of daylight on the Summer Solstice. Take advantage of all that extra sunlight to get some extra vitamin D on your skin for a natural mood boost.

2. Warm, Sunny Days and Long, Late Nights

The summertime season means days are longer and warmer. You can wear lighter clothes and enjoy the warm weather for even longer. Take a walk after dinner to explore small local businesses or neighborhood parks, or just hang out in your own backyard and watch the sunset.

3. More Time Outside

Pleasant outdoor temperatures and abundant natural light stretching from early morning to evening is even more reason to spend time outside. Whether you’re doing yard work, some home improvement, playing with the kids, or chatting with neighbors, spending more time outside has been shown to correlate with having an increased overall satisfaction with your life.

Is it the fresh air? The decreased exposure to intrusive and stressful technology? The feeling of connection with nature? All the fun activities that are available? We don’t know, so you might as well try them all out and see what happens.

4. Gorgeous Green Lawns

Is it just us, or is there something incredibly satisfying about doing yard work in the summer? Getting up on the weekend to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and make sure the trees are looking their best might be an annoying chore to some, but it’s one of our favorite ways to relax and unwind.

5. Backyard BBQs

Speaking of making sure the lawn is good enough for company, backyard BBQs are half about showing off your backyard and half about showing off your BBQ! We’re dreaming of hamburgers, hotdogs, deviled eggs, potato salad, pasta salad and marshmallow salad (and all the other salads that look nothing like salad). Get the grill fired up and grab a cold one and get ready for good times with good friends all summer long.

6. Picnics

It’s exactly the same thing as a backyard BBQ, except the food is more low maintenance, the guest list is smaller, and you get to choose any public park to be your backyard! Okay, maybe it’s nothing like a backyard BBQ, but it’s a great way to eat the leftovers from a backyard BBQ, and you can also play backyard games.

7. Backyard Games

Whether it’s flag football or beer pong or something that rhymes with “horn-cole,” you need something to do during a backyard BBQ while you’re waiting on the food to be ready or when you need an activity to let the kids burn off all the sugar they just ate when someone wasn’t looking!

Backyard games are great because they all technically count as exercise—plus you get bonus exercise points for being outside, we’re pretty sure—and they also have to be small enough to be happening in a backyard, so they’re easy to modify for different ages and abilities. It’s a great way to ease back into your summer exercise regimen.

8. Cornhole Tournaments

What’s better than a casual game of Cornhole between friends at a summer backyard BBQ? A no holds barred, winner, take all, multi-day Cornhole tournament, obviously! Organize a tournament in your neighborhood, through any local club or organization you’re a member of, or maybe even take the plunge to go pro. If you’re new to the game, this is a great time to start! Order one of our original Cornhole sets or themed Cornhole sets, or contact us to design a custom Cornhole set.

9. Baseball Season

Summer means baseball season is underway. If you’re a baseball fan, this is when you start watching the World Series and counting down the days until the final game!

10. Football Training Season

Summer also means football training season. Watch some training games and start building your fantasy league, we’re counting down until tailgating season starts in fall!

11. Summer Vacation

Most families have some kind of summer vacation plans, whether it’s traveling out of state (did someone say “Disney”?), visiting local attractions like parks or museums, or just spending time together as a family in your own backyard. Kids getting time off from school makes it an ideal time to take a vacation from work as well, and there’s no better time to check in and catch up on each other’s lives.

Summer also lends a more casual atmosphere to events, since the temperatures mean more options of where to go and what to do if you’re looking for something to do outside.

This year, we hope everyone will love summer just as much as we do! Whether your summer will be spent hosting backyard BBQs, attending them or planning one, we here at Cornhole Stop wish all of our readers a very fun summer!

Let us know about your summer plans in the comments below, and if you’re ready to order your very own personalized Cornhole board—to use all year but especially during summer backyard BBQ season—contact us today and get started designing your board!


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