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This is for kids wraps sized at 12.5"x24.5" to complete 2 kid board sets. (4 prints on sheet)

Email your single design or two different designs to make your 2 sets to 


Product Details:

Printed on 3M Air Release High Quality Vinyl

FIt Regulation size boards 24"x48".

Wraps printed size 24.5" by 48.5" for ease of installation. Special Size can be requested if needed.

Hole is NOT pre-cut.  Wraps are digitally printed with Eco-Sol Ink.


The vinyl allows you to eliminate possible bubbles during installation, by simply pressing gently on them with your finger and working them outwards. Sticky Backing is pressure sensative so please apply pressure over entire wrap after the initial installion to ensure all areas are down.


DON'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT - You have options:

If you do not see what you want please contact us at the bottom of the website by form, text or email.  Or you can create your own under the Design Your Own tab.  Upload the image of what you want as a decal set or design it.

4 Kids Wraps (12.5"x24.5") on Sheet - Laminate or Non Laminate - BB- FREE SHIP

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