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7 Awesome Party Themes for Adults

We love a themed party around here at Cornhole Stop: from holidays to birthday parties to the start of a new season, we’ll take any excuse to get together with some good friends for some good food and some fun! 

We’ve even been known to have an occasional un-themed party from time to time, but that was years ago before we started assembling our list of awesome party themes for adults—and now we’re going to share that list with you, so you’ll never need to consider having an un-themed party again!

Spy Costume Party

This one might be best suited for Halloween, but we believe there’s no wrong time for everyone to get together in their best suits, tuxes, dresses, or supervillain regalia. It’s a costume party at heart, and activities can include having a spy movie night or watching tv shows.

You could also play spy trivia games, have a game of guessing who everyone is dressed as—a game that, depending on your guests and their tastes, might also be more accurately called James Bond or Sterling Archer?

You can even combine this with the Murder Mystery party fun theme for maximum spy-ness. Here, the obvious food choices should include fancy hors d’oeuvres and a martini, “shaken, not stirred.”

Murder Mystery Party

We mentioned it, so we might as well explain it. Have your guests dress as a murder mystery character for a night of food, drinks, socializing, and … murder! Characters can either be chosen by your guests or assigned in advance to give them time to put together their costumes and get into character. When they arrive, they choose a card that’s kept secret from everyone except the host: the card says whether they’re the “murderer” or not. 

Whoever is the “murderer” will choose a “victim” and then signal to the “victim” with a pre-arranged sign that they’ve been “killed.” Once this happens, the game is afoot, and your guests will then try to solve the crime while the “murderer” tries to conceal their identity! This is a great party for anyone who loves true crime.

Casino Party

What’s more fun than going to a casino? That’s easy: going to a casino where you won’t lose your car payment! We’re kidding, but all jokes aside, some of our parties have been a casino night theme.

All you need is a few of your favorite casino games, a few sets of chips, and people who enjoy the feeling of gambling without all the risk. You can bring real money into it if you want to or leave it out entirely, but our favorite way to cash in the winnings is by having guests spend their chips on wrapped mystery boxes at the end of the night in a game of White Elephant.

Pool Party Luau

Take a trip to the tropics in your backyard! The decorations are fresh flowers, coconuts, palm trees, and seashells. The dress code is bathing suits, brightly colors, flip flops and Hawaiian leis. 

The food is anything from hot dogs on the grill to a whole roasted pig; as long as you serve cold tropical drinks alongside it, everyone will have a great time. Remember to get some extra pool floaties for the kids and a photo booth with fun props so your guests can commemorate the event on their socials. Pool party luaus are guaranteed to be a good time.

Backyard Barbeque

What is a backyard barbeque, if not the ultimate party theme for adults? Fire up the grill and tell your friends to bring their favorite side dishes and backyard games, and you hardly have to do anything to make this party theme a reality!

If you want the food to be more organized than what the typical potluck offers, make sure to plan with enough lead time to get all the ingredients and prepare most of the dishes a day or two before the part. If you make the salad dishes like potato salad, pasta salad, and three-bean salad in advance, they’ll also have time for the flavors to get better over time.

Need another reason to party? We think you should celebrate the arrival of your brand new custom Cornhole set! Tell us which colors to use and give us some artwork to use as a reference, we’ll produce a preliminary design. Take your time reviewing the model and make sure every detail is perfect—we’re happy to make revisions and accommodate any special requests you have. 

When you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll get your set built and sent out to you, and you can start showing it off. Fill out our custom Cornhole game request form and get started today!

Wine or Beer Tasting Party

If you’re looking for something more upscale than the other ideas on this list, we suggest a classic wine tasting—or beer tasting, depending on your preference. Simply choose a color scheme, buy your party supplies, set your table, party decorations, and get the good glassware. 

Choose several bottles to share that you and your guests are curious about (or have everyone bring their favorite). We’ve had a lot of fun at beer tasting parties that focus on local breweries and seasonal offerings, like a wine tour, but with beer! 

Either way you go, make sure to have some light snacks to serve between drinks or a full meal that pairs each course with a specific glass meant to bring out the best flavors in each one. Grab your favorite board game or try a drinking game if you want to add some fun!

Fondue Parties Are Coming Back!

It’s a blast from the past that your friends won’t pass up! Fondue was—and we swear this is real—promoted initially as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union in the 1930s. By the 1970s, Americans had adopted it as their favorite dinner party theme that needs its own cookware. 

In the early 2000s, fondue parties joined the ranks of other retro-kitsch aesthetics on the 30-year trend cycle, which means we’re on track to see a new fondue renaissance in the next few years, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Are you planning any themed parties soon that you’re super excited about? What awesome party themes do you keep top of mind for when you want to get down, but there are no holidays coming up? Let us know in the comments!


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