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NEW Heavy Canvas Closed Zipper CORNHOLE Board CARRY CASE

Fits 2 Boards


Order Yours TODAY...

A MUST HAVE!!!  ***  ALL NEW 1 Carry Case  ***


50" Width x 26" Height x 10" Depth

Holds 2 Boards (Set) Regulation Size 2x4 Boards

Made larger to handle your boards

Rugged Heavy Canvas & Lining

Strong & Durable


Completely Closes for Reliable Storage - Heavier canvas and lining to store and carry your board set.  


HOW TO: Stand your boards up back to back, slide your case over the end, lay down zip up, ready to go,  One Person can put the boards in the case and take the boards out.  Made larger to accommodate boards without a struggle getting them in and out or ripping the corners of your case. 


We are confident you will enjoy these NEW HIGH QUALITY MADE CORNHOLE BOARD CARRY CASES hands down compared to the competition.  This is what we do so our company will be around now and in the future to answer any of your questions.


Great for Storage (No more using blankets to store or travel with your boards)  A MUST HAVE!!!

CORNHOLE BOARD CARRY CASE - Make Carrying Boards Easier

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